Weight of Keyword Placement

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Weight of  Keywords

Now, knowing that overall the keywords in the meta tags we decide to use only has a small overall percentage in relevancy and ranking on search engines, it does have a more noticeable impact if we use those keywords in different places of our website to make our word density higher and our website seem more relevant to the search engines. In fact here is a chart we have put together to show just how much of an impact on relevancy placing our keywords on our website can be:

  • Keyword in the Title Tag (6%)
  • Keyword as the first word (s)  of the Title Tag (6%)
  • Keyword in the Root Domain Name (e.g. keyword.com) (6%)
  • Keyword in the H1 Headline Tag (5%)
  • Keyword in Internal Link Anchor Text on the Page (4%)
  • Keyword in External Link Anchor Text on the Page (4%)
  • Keyword in the H1 Tag (3%)
  • Keyword 3 Times in the First 100 words in HTML on the Page (5%)
  • Keyword in your domain name (7%)
  • Keyword in a sub domain (keyword.maindomain.com) (3%)
  • Keyword in the page name URL (www.domain.com/keyword.html) (3%)
  • Keyword in other H Tags (e.g. H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 etc) (3%)
  • Keyword in Image ALT text (3%)
  • Keyword repeating in the HTML Text on the Page (3%)
  • Keyword in image names on the page (your keyword.jpeg) (3%)
  • Keyword in <b> or <strong> Tags (2%)
  • Keyword in List Items <li> on the Page (3%)
  • Keyword in <i> or <em> Tags (2%)
  • Keyword in the Meta Description Tag (2%)
  • Keyword in Comment tags in the HTML (1%)
  • Keyword in the Meta Tagging (5%)

This is average relational information we have gathered here at Click Perfect and target Google’s results from our experiments. This actually changes from month to month and industry to industry. Changes in algorithms and requirements change so much that we updates this website accordingly.

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