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Yahoo Has a Different Set of Criteria than Google when it Comes to Search Engine Optimization So, to understand how Yahoo operates as a search engine, you have to have some knowledge about how Google ranks websites and indexes the pages. To rank well on Yahoo then you have to follow a little different approach than if you want to appear high in the stats for Google. Both the search engines use crawlers for the purpose of indexing, with Yahoo’s spider going by the name of Slurp. Google’s spider or crawler is referred to as Googlebot. However, unlike Google, which concentrates on backlinks to rank a site for SEO, Yahoo looks at such major components as the keyword density for a site, the URL, and title.

yahoo search seo tips

Note: Yahoo! Search Engine now Use Bing API for Search

Include Keywords but Make sure the Content Reads Naturally
While Google does not like anyone to use a keyword density higher than three percent, Yahoo’s followers can enjoy more latitude this way. In fact, you will usually rank higher in the SERPs if your keyword density is higher in your content. Nevertheless, Yahoo still frowns on content that contains an overabundance of keywords – make certain that your writing is natural then when you include your keywords and phrases. Avoid the practice of keyword stuffing if you want your material and site to pass Yahoo’s inspection.

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Make Sure your Internal Linking Makes Sense Organizationally
Okay, now that you know a little bit of what each search engine expects, you can address Yahoo’s requirement for search engine optimization or SEO. One of the things that will cause you a poor ranking in Yahoo is if your internal links are not arranged in a clear pattern. Therefore, you have to adopt an organizational structure that is easy to understand. A site map is also a good addition so Slurp can readily crawl your pages and index them.

Keywords should be Included in Anchor Texts
In addition, when building links, you should include your keywords in your anchor texts. For example, if your keyword, say, is “link bait”, then you should use that keyword on in your anchor text. In addition, use the main keywords in your content in your title tags. By using this strategy, you can see your site move up quite readily in Yahoo’s illustrious rankings.

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Post Content that is of the Highest Quality that is Unique and Worthwhile
Both Yahoo and Google want you to post content of the highest quality, underscoring the relevance of the material. Again, the writing should flow easily, be unique, and worthwhile. Your URL for your site should also include your primary keywords.

It Takes A While to get Indexed on Yahoo
Following the above protocol, so to speak, should help you see positive results on Yahoo. Just remember, unlike Google, you have to wait longer to see your site indexed. In fact, it can take, sometimes, up to several months before your site is included. However, as long as you provide readable and valuable content and you have links that make sense to Yahoo’s Slurp, you will eventually be indexed and enjoy a good ranking in the SERPs.

Currently yahoo is using Bing search API (database) to show result in their SERP (search engine result page) So, optimizing for yahoo is Nothing  Just follow Bing Optimization Guidelines to get rank in Yahoo! too.


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